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Last updated : 25 January 2005 By Bm91
The article was written for Stockport County MAD as part of there series of all the teams that are top of there respective leagues.
(This is now out of date by 3 points and week)

The Article:

We went top on 30/8/2004 a total of 23 games ago at the time of writing.
We went top after beating Canvey Island 1-0 in Essex. Our goal came from Dean Sinclair and it was
a great feeling knowing that this could be the day we went top. And we did after Carlisle losing
and us winning we went top of the league! It made up for which really was a poor away trip.
Canvey was a real dump, Seafront was just concrete leading to the sea and the chips glowed in the light of which really was a warm August Bank Holiday.

Since then we have been able to get a 14 point lead at the top of the table.
We went 10 points clear on maybe the best performance of the season against Aldershot.
We took the lead threw Grazioli and got a half time lead. Then Aldershot levelled
and then Richard Graham scored a brilliant goal and then again Aldershot levelled and when it looked like Aldershot were going to win it Simon King the centre back hit a shot from the edge of the area in to the centre of the net to give us a 3-2 win. I will most remember of that day when i was listening to all of the Conference results and was walking down to the Aldershot end to hear it. I heard
York 2-1 Carlisle and went $&%!ing mental and had to run out of the ground as soon as possible.
the game next week was even more eventful we had a chance to go 13 points clear because of Carlisle playing in the FA Cup (We were beaten by Bath City in the first round) we were against
Leigh RMI the bottom team that brought 3 fans (YES 3!!!) It looked like a just another day when after 3 minutes Grazioli put the Bees ahead to the Bees clapping but then a goal and dodgy penalty later and the Bees faithful start to panic but like a hollywood movie it all turned out good in the end. We levelled threw Nicky Bailey and then in the last few seconds super sub Lee Roach put the ball in to the back of the net
to give the Bees a 3-2 win and sent the fans crazy!
Now we are 14 points clear do i find it boring?
No every goal is as good as the Richard Grahams goal in the first game against Forest Green Rovers.
We went 14 points clear last week after drawing with Woking 1-1 which was not a great result
but yet again as they have so much this season fucked up Carlisle when they had a chance to
close the gap they lost to Crawley Town 1-0.
Now it seems we will go up, but i will only say this if we don't go up now it will be a massive $£$£ up.