Bees ground "falling apart"

Last updated : 17 January 2006 By Bm91
Peter told the BBC that although the Bees fans are great the stadium is falling around them. He said "Barnet's Underhill ground is almost falling down.

"I've been to some pretty horrendous fields and sheds in my time but Underhill is the worst," he said.

"Though I have nothing against the Barnet fans, who are wonderful," he added. Local rivals Stevenage Borough won the award for best pub.

Bees PR man Dennis Signy responed to these comments by telling the BBC:

"We have a neat and tidy ground," said Dennis Signy, a public relations consultant for the club.

"He is entitled to his opinion but our club has spent thousands of pounds to bring the ground up to football league standards.

"We have been trying for the past seven years to get planning permission to build a new stadium."