Last updated : 27 September 2004 By Bm91

STAND UP SIT DOWN was launched in July as a new initiative for a common sense
solution to the issue of standing.

We propose that at least one area of each ground be selected where supporters
would be permitted to stand in front of their allocated seats.

It is not just a campaign for standing, but to restore choice for all
supporters. This is an issue about which many supporters feel very strongly, and
we are proposing a compromise solution, as an alternative to the current
conflict and increasing sanctions by the authorities.

To date we have 750 members and over 2000 signatures on our petition, from
supporters of more than 110 clubs. The average age of members is around 30.
About 10% say they prefer to sit and 90% stand.

We have received encouraging replies from some clubs, and others agree
privately, but are unwilling to be quoted. We have met with both the Premier
League and the Football League, and are seeking a meeting with the FLA. We have
also been invited to address the Safety Committee for West Ham, which will be an
opportunity to put our proposals to various bodies, including the police & FLA.

Many of our members came via online forums, but tended to come in groups from
each club, while the thread was on the top page. We hope that this new post will
generate further interest, and update those who are already aware of the

For full details, visit

Please both sign the petition and join the campaign, as the more members we
have, the greater will be our influence.

A summary of our proposed solution and its benefits follows:


The suitability for standing to be objectively assessed for each area of every
ground, with input from clubs and supporters, rather than the current blanket
ban applied to the top two divisions.

At least one area of each ground to be selected where supporters would be
permitted to stand in front of their allocated seats.

Persistent standing not to be tolerated in other areas, ensuring that those who
prefer to sit will not have their view blocked by others standing.

Where possible, away supporters allocations to be divided into standing and
sitting areas, by tier (upper seated, lower standing), block, or rows (front
seated, back standing).

This is a compromise and achievable solution, based on common sense, and for the
benefit of all concerned. The preferred option for many supporters of new safe
standing areas, is unlikely to become reality in the foreseeable future, for
both financial and political reasons.


Dealing with safety according to the specific risk in each area, is likely to
achieve greater supporter compliance, than the use of increasingly severe
sanctions to force them to sit in areas where few people see a real safety risk.

Deals with the customer care issue, by separating supporters who wish to stand,
from those who prefer or need to sit.

Allows crowd management, by allocating each supporter their own individual space
(in front of their numbered seat).

Requires no major financial outlay, or significant ground modifications.
Capacities would be as for current seated areas, so present exit, toilet &
catering facilities would remain satisfactory.

Causes no loss in income for clubs. Ticket prices would remain similar to
current seats, and improved atmosphere may even attract additional supporters.

Allows those who wish to stand and vocally support their team, to congregate in
the same area, and to generate improved atmosphere.

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